The Board of Directors meets four times a year, on the second Thursday, in January, April, July and October. from  7-8pm  in the Town Office Building, room 118. The meetings are open to the public. The Board currently (2020) consists of nine members

  • Chairperson: Valerie Muldoon 
  • Co-Chair: James Holyoak
  • Clerk: Linda Thomasino
  • Asst. Clerk: Catherine Waugh
  • Treasurer: Joe Gugliemino 
  • Asst. Treasurer: Mary Mikelk 
  • Manager of Food Pantry: Fran Gill
  • Member: Pamela Dona 
  • Member: Susan Reguera 

It is our aim to maintain a balance of both clients and non-clients as members.
The volunteers you will meet in the food pantry, are an intake person, who will welcome you when you arrive for your appointment. He or she will check your ID, set up your next appointment and assign a Pantry Volunteer to assist you in getting your food. The Pantry Volunteer will be given a shopping list showing the quantity of each product you are entitled to receive for the number of people in your family and they will help you gather those items and bring them to your car.
We have volunteers who pick up our Saturday bread each week from Hudson Stop 'n Shop and who bring the items left in our donation boxes throughout town to the food pantry. Other volunteers continue to ask at the stores they shop at to donate food and personal care items.
We are hoping to establish a list of Volunteer Drivers who can either bring clients who do not have transportation to the pantry, or who will deliver groceries to clients who are unable to come themselves.

If you are interested in volunteering at the food pantry as a Pantry Volunteer, as a Driver, on the Board of Directors or in any other way, please use the contact form.