Client Information

Our clients vary in age, size of family and circumstance.  Some need the food pantry for a short period of time to help overcome a setback, others need it on an ongoing basis due to limited income.  All are welcome, and all are treated with respect and privacy.


Food Pantry services are available to all low-income residents of the Town of Berlin and its employees.  Each client household may receive food twice a month.  The amount of food is dependent on family size and special needs. Below are the 2019 Financial Guidelines for eligibility. 

Family      max. monthly    max. yearly

   Size             income             income

      1          $ 2,023.00         $ 24,280.00

      2          $ 2,743.00         $ 32,920.00

      3          $ 3,463.00         $ 46,560.00

      4          $ 4,183.00         $ 50,200.00

How to Get Started

First time visitors to the Food Pantry are asked to complete a simple client interview and registration process.

What to Expect

All clients are greeted by a Food Pantry volunteer who will answer questions, explain our process, and provide you with a cart.  You are then free to choose the foods you want from the large selection available.  Volunteers will help you with bagging the groceries and getting the food to your car.